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Just as if the important points of his connection weren't currently hideously nice, we now realize Riz Ahmed — attractive, multitalented, Oscar-nominated Riz Ahmed — recommended to his wife utilizing Scrabble tiles.

We'll support for a while, because a Scrabble-tile proposal isn't really a remote incident with regards to this man along with his antics. Back January the actor announced which he had gently wed novelist Fatima Farheen Mirza — their attractive, multitalented popular author wife — in lockdown, following the two met from inside the sort of meet-cute occasion Nora Ephron would drool over.

As Ahmed explained to Jimmy Fallon, the conference took place
in a c
offee shop. It had been there he and his awesome now-wife linked while "jostling around exact same laptop computer plug factors" — an electric struggle that just causes strain and sweat for most of us. But seemingly perhaps not Ahmed. Nowadays will come this suggestion via Scrabble tiles, something that should just truly happen in rom-coms and

Anna Karenina.

As he
Jimmy Kimmel on Monday: "We sought out towards park, one of the few situations we could do at that point in lockdown … We type of had some picnic and, you are aware, we jumped the question." Without a doubt, he performed "that corny thing in which We took all of the proper letters up-and spelled out

are you going to marry me personally


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To which Mirza obviously reacted "you're joking," which, same!